The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear by Eric Von Lustbader

The minute I started reading this piece, I was in love. Lustbader references Sun Tsu’s The Art of War, but it is Eric who is truly the master of the Art of the Written Word. And in my infatuation of his craft, I couldn’t get enough of Nicholas Linnear. Let me express my dismay when I finished what I thought was the first chapter, only to discover that the story had abruptly ended. What a tease, I thought. Surely there must be more. Perhaps I only downloaded an excerpt. Alas, this brief encounter was too soon over. My appetite whetted, but no dessert. Hell, there wasn’t even a main course, just some hors d’oevers.

But all is not lost. Nicholas Linnear actually has more stories to tell, in truly complete novels. Lustbader was simply reminding us of their existence. I recommend that he give this short, short story away to his readers gratis. That will either introduce them to this character, peaking their interest to download the entire Ninja Cycle, or remind them of “stories past” so they can revisit the previously out-of-mind adventures of this protagonist.

Or, Eric Von Lustbader can finish the story we felt we had only begun to read.

Simply put, the “book” begins with Nicholas wearing a tuxedo, buried in a cheap coffin, and left for dead. And dead he will be if he can’t escape this trap. Obviously he does, since the title alludes to his life after this almost death. The rest of the time, we are subjected to a fast paced plot, as Nicholas attempts to discover the whys and wherefores of this murder attempt. Let me simply say that bodies fly throughout as we witness the finess and style of a Ninja Master. Any more discussion will ruin the experience.

Since this review has taken me more time to write then this selection took to read, I only give it four stars. Four stars for a tease of a download. Call it the revenge of a woman scorned.

I would like to thank Open Road Integrated Media for allowing me a free download of this short story in exchange for an honest review.


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