Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays by Jill Smokler

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Hanukkah, this fun little book will keep you laughing through the holidays. Even if your kids are grown, you can relate to the little vignettes told by the author and a host of other writers as they share their experiences in a humorous and quirky way. Scary Mommy’s Guide to Surviving the Holidays by Jill Smokler includes suggestions, recipes, lists of dos and don’ts, as well as funny little stories and anecdotes. We can vicariously experience the holidays as seen through the authors’ shared secrets of past events.

Perhaps the reason I find this little tome so amusing is that too many of their lamentations ring true. Some of my favorite moments in the book include:

I take all the labels off my mother-in-laws gifts and say they are from Santa.

Make sure you have a wingman on speed dial to get you the shit you forgot.

While we want the meal to be memorable we don’t want it to be that kind of memory.

If I mix more than three ingredients, that’s fresh.

Glitter, commonly known as the herpes of the art world.

Apple flavored lollipop seems a sensible fruit choice.

I plan on playing the Dysfunction Family Drinking Game at the next holiday meal (I’ll need an extra bottle of wine), trying the Macaroni and Cheese recipe and eating it all myself (ditto for the Kahlua Dip), and selecting some presents from the Best Gifts to Buy for the Parents You Hate list (you don’t even need to wait until Christmas, birthdays will do just as well).

It’s a win win, where we get an affirmation of our own messed up holidays, a chuckle or two, plus the knowledge that the proceeds from book sales go towards The Thanksgiving Project, part of The Scary Mommy Nation, which ensures that all families will be able to experience their own Thanksgiving meal. Just think of it as an inexpensive therapy session. Four stars.

I would like to thank Pocket Star Books and Netgalley for allowing me to download a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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