Revealing Ruby by Lavinia Kent

Revealing Ruby by Lavinia Kent is a short Regency novella exploring the character of Madame Rouge (Ruby) and her relationship with Captain Derek Price. It’s book 1.5 of the Bound and Determined series, following the first novel, Mastering the Marquess, where the character of Ruby is first introduced. This is just a snippet of a story. The premise is that Ruby of Madam Rouge’s House for Gentlemen of Taste (the best and most discreet house in London) has rules and number one is that she never patronizes her customers, no matter how many times they ask. Then in walks Captain Price, complaining that he has been gypped by one of her girls who was supposed to show up that morning to service his injured shipmate.Rudy patiently informs the Captain that he is mistaken, the services she offers to her customers only take place on the premises. He returns that evening for his refund and decides to rent out the lush room which previously belonged to the original owner, a duke’s mistress. Underlying this transaction is an overwhelming sexual magnetism drawing the two main characters together. Ruby decides to give in to temptation and silently slips in to join Derek as he takes a shower bath. She arrives, not as the Madame, but as the woman beneath the costume. A woman who appears for only a short period of time each night before she retires. Together they express their passion with a marathon love making session which is described graphic detail. In addition to the erotica, is a sharing of past events which provides a glimpse into their lives. Their disparate backgrounds leads to the question, “What comes next?” Can they continue to act upon their mutual attraction or does their current situations preclude any further contact? That’s why this is only half a story, a teaser, promising a return of these characters in future books of this series.

There’s not much plot, although there is a lot of erogenous lovemaking. Despite the author’s intent to explore and develop the characters, I wanted a little more than she was willing to reveal. I guess I’m not the type of person who is happy with a one night stand, even if it consists of hot and torrid sex. Three stars.

I’d like to thank Loveswept and Netgalley for allowing me to download a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.


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