At The Viking’s Command by Anne Marsh

Underground beneath the bright lights of Las Vegas is where the real gamblers go to see paranormal warriors fight to the death. Imprisoned berserker Calder morphs into bear form to tear apart his combatants. It’s kill or be killed. Even though he wants the tournaments to cease, the drugs which are pumped into his body foster his violent tendencies. His opponents don’t stand a chance.

Despite his lack of caring, Calder is curious about the small bundle dropped off in the cell next to his. It’s a newly minted werewolf, in the form of a beautiful young woman called Tyra. Something about her appeals to Calder in spite of the circumstances. There is an undeniable connection which breaks through his barriers, especially those of his inherited hatred of all things werewolf. Even one year after their escape, she is still in his thoughts and haunts his dreams at night. Tyra, after being evicted from her pack, knows that her only hope for survival is to find Calder and enlist his soldier-for-hire services, offering up the only thing she has of value – herself.

Anne Marsh has created a sweet romance between two human creatures in her novella At The Viking’s Command. We are introduced to Norse Viking mercenary Calder and his family plus Tyra and her pack. The sexual interludes are titillating and in spite of the aggression of the paranormals, the romance is heartwarming.

Even though this is “book” two in the Warrior’s Unleashed series (Book One is called Viking’s Orders) it is an excellent stand alone. There is just enough background to explain the situation. The plot moves along briskly, the main characters are appealing in spite of their violent tendencies, and the inevitable conclusion is satisfying. Kudos to Anne Marsh for keeping it a novella instead of trying to stretch the plot into a full length novel. Although Werewolves and Shiftchangers are not normally my thing, I liked this story.

Four stars and a thank you to Netgalley for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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