Wicked Wants by Clara Kluver

If you want a quick, fun read, try Wicked Wants by Cayla Kluver, an interactive book in the tradition of the 1980’s Choose Your Own Adventure novels, but with a “naughty” twist (and definitely not for children).

Told in the first person, 19 year old Lady Elizabeth Deveraux has grown to love her childhood friend and neighbor, Thomas Macy. Unfortunately, her cold father is not respectful of her opinion and considers her a tool to be used for an advantageous marriage to help fund his declining estate. It is a springtime and her betrothed has arrived to meet his bride-to-be prior to the wedding ceremony which is to be held in a few days time. Wealthy, handsome Lord Edmund Prescott is a favorite in court and this marriage will provide him with the reputation and standing of The Devereaux family name. Elizabeth knows nothing about her intended, since her father has purposely neglected to share any details about the man she is to wed. She is surprised that Edmund appears kind and solicitous towards her and wonders if this arrangement might not be such a bad thing. Now the reader has some choices – Is it Thomas or Edmund? Is Elizabeth honest or deceptive? The result is the same as she ends up with one of the two men, with most paths leading to a rousing romp in bed. The setting appears to be in the Regency Period so the reader must take into account the morality of those times. A fast paced, amusing way to spend a lazy afternoon. Three stars.

I wish to thank Netgalley and Silkwords for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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