All the Little Fathers by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Marilyn Faucher

What a perfect bedtime story for a father to read to his preschooler. Even moms can join in the fun with the picture book, All the Little Fathers by Margaret Wise Brown. The color illustrations by Marilyn Faucher are whimsical, capturing the joy of each animal dad frolicking with his child out in the wilderness. Add the visual with the rhythmic cadence of Brown’s familiar writing style, perfect for those tiny ears. My only complaint is that the correct terminology for the animal children should have been used, such as kitten, puppy, cub. This would help the parent asks questions such as, “What do you think this daddy bear is doing with his cub?” or “What would a “cat” daddy do with his kittens?” Definitely a lost opportunity to teach the names of animals babies, although adults can easily add in the correct wording when they deem appropriate. However, for a toddler, this is the perfect type of book – short and simple. 12 different creatures with a culminating grand finale of all the fathers putting their offspring to bed for the night. Four stars.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing this free ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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