No Gentleman for Georgina by Jess Michaels (The Notorious Flynns Book 4)

The trouble with novellas is there isn’t a lot of time for character development. However, they are a perfect device for tying up loose ends in a book series, such as The Notorious Flynns by Jess Michaels. If you are invested in the first three novels in the series, you’ll already be familiar with Paul Abbott, the able assistant to Marcus Rivers owner of the Donneville Masquerage, a sex and gambling den. You’ll also know all about the romance between Annabelle and Marcus and the role Abbott played in helping them overcome the main hurdle keeping the two lovers apart. Now that the three Flynn’s have all found the perfect mates, here’s poor Paul left loveless and alone. Flynn fans will not be surprised that Abbott has secretly been in love with Georgina Hickson, Anabelle’s friend and mentor from her one and only London season. Four years later and Georgina still hasn’t found the right person. She hasn’t even had a proposal. Her once loving, but overly protective parents, now seem so disapproving, especially of Paul Abbott, a man whose company she actually enjoys. With a little help along the way, a new romantic tale, No Gentleman For Georgina, unfolds.

Such a simple Regency Romance can be told in under a hundred pages, a perfect way to spend a wistful afternoon. It is easy to root for the lovers, who yearn to be together, but know they can never marry due to their discrepant social standings. This story shows a different aspect to the character of the staid Paul (Marcus is disbelieving when Georgina shares their secret love tryst) and an unexpected depth to Georgina who was so strait laced and proper in the previous novel. Who knew she had a steamy side under all that innocence? Mabe a little bit of a stretch, but still a lot of fun.

Even with this short of a story, Michaels needs to be reminded to trust in the reader and try to refrain from having the characters repeat the same thoughts over and over. We get it the first few times, we don’t have short term memory loss. Otherwise, a delight. Four stars.

A thank you to Netgalley and The Passionate Pen for allowing me to download this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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