Getting Ready For Bed by Mary Lindeen

Currently with the Common Core Standards there is a push towards introducing nonfiction to young readers. Getting Ready For Bed by Mary Lindeen, is an emerging reader book designed to assist the early elementary student in developing their reading skills. With a defined set of frequently used sight vocabulary plus several common content words, the young child, after repeated readings with their parents, should be able to read the text independently.

What I like about this book is the way it models the bedtime procedure. It actually starts with the family dinner after which the children assist in cleaning up and doing age appropriate chores. There is a set aside play time with clean up, bath time, changing into pajamas, a bedtime healthy snack, brushing of teeth, and a nighttime story. The illustrations are photographs of all sorts of children representing different races. In this way, the reader can not only identify themselves in the book, but also realize that bedtime procedures are common to all cultures. At the end of the book are some suggested extension activities for parents to do with their children in order to enhance the reading process. Please note, the simplicity of the text will only appeal to young elementary age children who are just beginning to read independently, although it could also be used as a read-a-loud for preschoolers in order to reinforce bedtime procedures.

My only complaint is that the book idealizes family life with two parents and happy, smiling children who willingly follow directions. As I said, this book models appropriate behaviors, it doesn’t represent the reality of normal family dynamics. Three and a half stars.

I was given a free copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.


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