When Crocs Fly: A Pearls Before Swine Collection by Stephan T Pastis

Stephan T Pastis has his own unique brand of humor which he shares with readers through his Pearls Before Swine comic strips and Collections series. This particular book, When Crocs Fly, is representative of the “humorous” adventures of goat, pig, rat, zebra, crocodiles, and “friends”, much of it relying on word plays or groan aloud puns. While there wasn’t much LOL from this particular reader, there were a few smiles. For example:

Standing on a pile of books he just purchased, Pig cries, “Knowledge is Power”,
Goat mentions “First you have to read them,” the chagrined Pig laments, “There’s always a catch.”

Or when Rat, learning origami, declares how easy it is to make stuff out of paper, but when Pig asks him for a demonstration, Rat presents him with a crumpled ball.

In another set of panels, Pig calls out “Man Up!” Goat reprimands his friend for interrupting with “That’s rude”, then a man falls on Goat.

My favorite is when Rat, who is kind of evil, says “This is about the time every night that Pig has a dream he’s falling.” Goat queries, “Whys he do that?” Rat proceeds to shove Pig out of bed and responds “Who knows?”

I did have a big chuckle when the frustrated Croc tries to use the electrical power lines to go zip lining in an attempt to capture and eat Zebra and his friend observes “Zip line’s got a lot of zip”. There is also a series of panels about some penguins whose goal, often unsuccessful, is not to be eaten (first by a polar bear, then by the Crocs who view them as Oreo cookies).

Not necessarily my taste, but perfect for those who think this sort of comic is funny – short and to the point, simply drawn, with either a laugh, a groan, or a page turn.

Three stars and a thank you to Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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