Maggie Needs an Alibi by Kasey Michaels (Maggie Kelly Mystery Series, Book 1)

Maggie Needs an Alibi by Kasey Michaels is a cute bit of fluff certain to provide light entertainment for avid romance readers. Seems that best selling author, Maggie Kelly, known for her Regency Mysteries, has literally brought her sleuth hero to life. Handsome, suave, and pain-in-the-ass Alexandre Blake, Viscount St. Just and his lovable, bumbling sidekick Sterling Balder, have been studying modern life in Manhattan via Maggie’s thoughts and experiences until they become so vivid in her mind that they are able to morph into actual human beings right in the middle of their host’s living room. This is not a good time for Maggie as she is just finishing up her latest book as well as discontinuing her romantic relationship with the owner of the publishing company who produces her novels. Yet there they are, and apparently there won’t be any future books without their assistance. Her only choice is to accept this new reality or sign herself into the funny farm. Luckily Maggie is not the only one who sees the gentlemanly duo and after a trip to Neiman Marcus, the now properly attired “guests” attend the post publication party along with the major players in Maggie’s life. They all become part of a list of potential perpetrators when former boyfriend, Kirk Toland, doubles over with stomach cramps and dies in the hospital of some sort of poisoning after eating dinner at Maggie’s house. Of course Maggie is the prime suspect – she did serve him potentially poisonous mushrooms. The interactions amongst a multitude of diverse, humorous characters, including a sassy doctor from the frequently visited hospital and a much too nosy, albeit good looking, homicide detective, add to the chaos. Maggie sets out to solve the case with St John and Sterling getting in the way as they attempt to prove her innocence while searching for the truly guilty party(s).

This is the first in the Maggie Kelly Mystery series involving a central cast of friends and family whose lives are intertwined in various who-done-its, enabling Michaels to have some fun with modern vernacular vs Georgian era dialect as Maggie and her English “cousins” wreck havoc throughout the city. Since this is a rerelease of books originally published over ten years ago, I’m disappointed that the author didn’t do some updating as technology has changed quite a bit with concepts such as videos and home phones totally outmoded. While Time Travel has the potential to be entertaining, modern discrepancies are simply annoying, distracting from the novelty of the plot. Unless, of course, the author intended this to be a period piece from the not so distant past.

Three and a half stars and a thank you to the author for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.


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