The Little Red Hen: An Old Fable by Heather Forest, illustrated by Susan Gaber

I fondly remember reading a little Golden Book featuring The Little Red Hen when I was quite young and the story has remained one of my favorites. My brothers were like the freeloaders in the Hen’s life, always ready to take advantage of the rewards without putting any effort into the required work.

Here is Heather Forest’s version in The Little Red Hen: An Old Fable written with a lilting rhyme, sure to please both reader and listener. In this story, the hen has gathered the wheat to make into a cake and her lazy housemates -the dog, cat, and mouse – prefer to play rather than assist her with all the steps required to complete the task. Of course, they are more than willing to eat the delicious result of the Little Red Hen’s labor, but she refuses to share since they refused to help. We then see the three assisting in a future baking endeavor so they can then enjoy the tasty treat they have now earned.

What makes this classic tale so endearing is the adorable, humorous illustrations by Susan Gaber who captures the essence of these playful creatures. Instead of cartoonish characters, Gaber gives us realistic representations, which makes us chuckle as the hen attempts to do the chores necessary for baking a cake. The ending pictures with an egg shell on the top of the hen’s head as she watches the others enjoying their dessert, is sure to bring a smile to the reader’s lips.

Three and a half stars and a thank you to Netgalley and August House Publishers for this ARC In exchange for an honest review


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