About Me: An Introduction

Hello! I am a retired school librarian from the Buffalo Public Schools in New York State. I have two passions – one is my love of literature and the other is a love of learning.

Retirement has been like a second childhood to me. I have a big enough pension to cover my monthly expenses (as long as I don’t spend like crazy) so my time is free to spend as I wish. If I want to “play”, I “play”. If I want to visit my friends, I visit. If I want to read, I read.

I never have to work again, but I do volunteer my time and energy to various worthwhile organizations. The rest of my day, however, is for me.

So, finally, I have the time to read, once again – just as I did in my youth. And I’ve decided to share my opinions with you. I tend to like romances, especially from the Regency Period, but I also enjoy all the other genres. I am brutally honest, so you’ll know if you’d like to pick up the same title for your own amusement.

My other passion, the love of learning, has developed into an obsession with the current educational issues. I am a disciple of Diane Ravitch and her minions. I have definite opinions on current issues and am not afraid to share my point of view.

So welcome and enjoy!

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